We are doing an experiment with the following equipment and following the procedures.

Bar Soap- Type 1
Liquid Soap- Type 1
Bar Soap- Type 2
Liquid Soap- Type 2
Marker that doesn't come off easily
Stereo microscope

Step 1: Apply all types of soap on the different jelly in petri dishes and leave the soap on for 4 days. The jelly will be prepared beforehand in the petri dishes, 50ml each. There will be 9 petri dishes. One soap will be applied on two different jellies, two petri dishes with jelly only would act as a control. 
Step 2: Apply the soaps on their respective soaps for each day of the experiment.
Step 3: After 4 days, we will check the jelly and measure how moist is it.
Step 4: Input all data into a chart.

This experiment will be done within one week.
We will start the experiment in Week 3.

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