Thursday, 11 July 2013

Types of Soap

Liquid Soap 1 : Dove
Liquid Soap 2 : LUX
Bar Soap 1 : Homemade Soap
Bar Soap 2: Hotel Soap
Water : Distilled Water

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Our Scientific Method

The effect of bar soap on the skin is not the same as the effect of liquid soap on skin.

Research Questions:
What are we trying to archive from this experiment?
What do we have to research?
What materials do we need?
How does the type of soap affects the leather and egg shells?

Independent Variables:
Type of Soap
Type of Skin
Type of jelly

Dependent Variables:
PH Values

Control Variables:

Monday, 1 July 2013

The Scientific Method

The scientific method for our research is to pose a question, carrying out research and come to a conclusion with an experiment.

The Scientific Method is a systematic set of techniques for investigating a problem, acquiring new knowledge, adding on or correcting previous knowledge. It also attempts to reduce the influence of bias or prejudice by the scientist when experimenting a hypothesis. The techniques include:
1. Ask a question. 
2. Do background research
3. Construct a hypothesis
4. Test the hypothesis with an experiment
5. Accept or reject the hypothesis
6. Report results 
6. Revise the hypothesis (rejected) or draw conclusions (accepted)

Our Research Project

Title of Research: The Investigation of Different Types of Soap on Skin Quality

IRS Group F: Members and Responsibilities

This is Group F. It consists of Cassandra, Jordan and Jason and we are going to research on the differences of the effects liquid and solid soap have on the skin.

Roles and Responsibilities

Leader: Cassandra Chai
Timekeeper: Jordan Koh
Script: Jason Ng
Researchers: All Members